Exceptional Service. Exceptional Value.


Piston's long-haul service has the capacity to cover any distance and cross every Canada-U.S. border. Our long combination vehicles (LCV) deliver sustainable, energy-efficient transportation solutions.

Long-haul services are best suited for shippers that have time-sensitive freight needing secure transportation.


24/7 dispatch operations, ensuring timely communication between trucks and customers. Dedicated communications department tasked with monitoring trucks, schedules and locations.  Piston is committed to retaining drivers for the long term.  And our professional drivers are hazmat certified by industry regulators in Canada and the U.S., to securely move and manage sensitive freight.  


Piston Transport provides both full truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) services throughout many areas of North America and Western Canada. With a combination of daily dedicated and versatile departure schedules for all lanes we can meet any commitment our customers require. 

With a particular focus with respect to just-in-time delivery requirements utilizing both single & team expedited service and a diverse trailer fleet .